Austin Water prepares for winter at water treatment plant |

2021-11-29 04:20:06 By : Ms. Emma Jiang

Elastic enhancement has been completed, more are in progress

As winter approaches, Austin Water has completed important maintenance work and continues to take measures to prepare its three water treatment plants to deal with possible freezing temperatures.

According to the recommendations in the Austin Water Winter Storm Uri After Action Report, Austin Water’s employees and contractors have completed many winter operations, including:

Austin Water is also committed to improving power resilience. The new substation of the Ullrich Water Treatment Plant is under construction, and the power distribution upgrade project of the Davis Water Treatment Plant is about to be completed.

Because it is challenging to drag lime residue (or "sludge") from water treatment plants under freezing conditions, Austin Water is increasing the sludge storage and disposal capacity of all three of its plants. Sludge contains sludge and organic matter removed from the water and lime used to soften water, and is a by-product of the water treatment process.

"Austin Water staff worked hard to repair the damage to our water treatment plant and strengthen our preparation for the winter," said Stephanie Sue, Austin Water Operations Manager. "These efforts started immediately after Winter Storm Uri and will continue to be a priority. We have learned from this year's events and have taken action to prepare for the extreme weather in the future."

Join us for a video tour of winter work at the Ullrich Water Treatment Plant.