Gaur City-Builder agreed to install a separate water meter

2021-11-29 04:19:10 By : Mr. Ben Song

Greater Noida: This is exciting news for residents of First Avenue in Gower, west of Greater Noida. Residents finally got a separate water connection. This issue has been unresolved for the past 5-6 years. It was finally resolved after the meeting on November 26, 2021.

The Greater Noida Authority, under the leadership of Santosh Kumar of the Authority’s Builders Group OSD, held a meeting with apartment buyers and builders on First Avenue in Gower, West of Greater Noida . Residents asked First Avenue to be connected to water supply separately. OSD gave instructions to separate the water meters of each society, and the builder agreed.

According to residents, the builders did not pay for the water bill for the Gaur city 1 plot, which includes various societies, and is currently about 60 million U.S. dollars. A resident shared that despite the maintenance fees collected in the past 5 to 6 years, the average amount payable by the association was about Rs 20 crore, but the builders did not pay. As a result, residents asked to separate the highway connections and pay dues so that they would be responsible for their water bills in the future.

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In addition, the builder has agreed to return the deposited amount as an IFMS (Interest-Free Maintenance and Security) fee to the Association of Apartment Owners. The builder will also give NOC, UPPCB, fire protection, electricity, etc. to the Greater Noida Authority before the handover. Regardless of whether the society's STP is operating at full capacity, the authorities will investigate it. In addition, until the society does not hand it over, the builders will be responsible for maintenance, safety, and cleaning. OSD instructs builders to meet these requirements of buyers in a timely manner.

A resident of the association, 34-year-old Anoop Kumar Soni, said: “The discussion instructions have also been signed by the authority of OSD. We hope that after this meeting, our grievances will be heard and residents will gain their rights. In addition, There are more questions to be raised in future meetings."